Miss World 2013 is Megan Young…Philippines!

Megan Young was recognized as the most beautiful girl in the world last night in Bali, Indonesia besting 127 other beautiful girls from across all corners of the Earth. 


  • First Miss World for the Philippines
  • First Southeast Asian winner in Miss World
  • She ranked No.1 against 126 other girls in the Challenge activities
  • Won Top Model category- her gown was designed by an Indonesian Princess who is a Fashion designer and handpicked Megan to wear her gown
  • Ranked 4th in Beach Beauty, 5th in Social Media Categories respectively
  • Was chosen to perform a dance from the Philippines for the Dances of the World Segment, where only 10 girls were chosen to showcase their native dances. She performed a Muslim inspired dance, Singkil
  • Her win placed Philippines as having won all major beauty pageants including Miss Universe, International, Earth and Supranational as well as Tourism Queen International. 

Megan Young proved that she was an all rounder and was committed to excellence in all areas of the Pageant. Her stars aligned yesterday when she was named Miss World 2013!

Goodluck Ms Young on a fruitful year as Miss World 2013!!!

So proud to be Filipino. We finally have a Miss World under our belt! 

I treasure a core value of Humanity and that guides people why they act the way they do. I will use this to show other people how they can understand each other. As one, we can help society.”- Megan Young 






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